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A Few Tips on Choosing the Right Web Design Firm

— By Ray L.

Choosing a web design firm is an important decision.  It can have a great impact on your business or organization.  It can also impact your job if you are the person that has been put in charge of finding the right web design firm.  You are probably aware of the standard ways of evaluating a web design firm:  portfolio, cost, experience in your industry and references.  These are certainly important factors to judge a web design firm by.  We wanted to provide a few less common ideas to help you evaluate a firm and help you feel confident in picking the right web design firm for your project.

  1.  Ask to speak with the people who will be directly responsible for working on your project.  Web projects can be a long process.  It requires a lot of interaction with your web design team and it’s important that you feel confident in the people who will be developing your website.  Do they understand your project?  Do they have experience working with clients in your industry?  Do they sound confident and competent?  Do they ask good questions and show a genuine interest in your project?  These are all important criteria to evaluate by.
  2. Ask to speak with the owners or the company leadership.  What is their background?  Have the actually done web design or web development work?  Are they more of a business manager?  While there is no hard and fast rule, people tend to set the company direction based on what their background is.  Owners who have done or currently do web design and/or web development work tend to put more emphasis on the quality of work.  Owners with business backgrounds, without web industry experience, tend to put more emphasis on the profitability of the web design firm and less emphasis on the quality of the web design work.
  3. Check sites where employees can leave feedback about their work experience at a web design firm.  Sites such as Glassdoor can be a good resource for this.  While some reviews may simply be a disgruntled ex-employee, the old adage of “where there is smoke, there is fire” applies.  A number of bad reviews may be an indication of internal issues at the web design firm.
  4. Check the references.  Most web design firms will provide references if requested.  And in most cases the references will have mostly good things to say about the web design firm.  One important thing to check is how long has the reference worked with the web design firm.  References that have worked with a firm for a number of years are a good indication that the web  design firm has helped that business and been able to adapt to changing web technologies over the years.  If you are unsure if a reference is being honest about the length of the relationship you can do a simple whois lookup on their domain to see when it was purchased.  If  they say the web firm has maintained their site for a number of years, but the domain was purchased just recently, this might indicate the reference is over embellishing the relationship.

We here at DavaWare are happy to answer any questions you may have about our firm and our work.  We want you to be confident that you made the right decision in choosing our web design firm.  We have done web design and web development for clients nationwide.  We also do web design and web development work for businesses and organizations in the Western New York and North East Ohio areas.  A few of the local areas we serve are: