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Do-it-Yourself Search Engine Optimization

— By Ray L.

Some quick and easy Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips you can do yourself:

  1. Topics: Keep pages limited to a single, “main” topic. Too many different “main” topics in a page can dilute the value of your content. Search Engine Optimization is all about topic relevancy.
  2. Heading: Make sure your pages have a relevant and keyword rich primary heading tag (h1). Each page should have one, and only one, h1 tag. Typically this is the “title” of the topic.
  3. Subheadings: “Main” topics can of course have “sub-topics”. Does your page cover more than one sub-topic? Then h2 tags are for you. Define each subtopic with a title set in h2 tags.
  4. Keywords: Don’t force keywords into your content. Your content should contain keywords of course. But it should be natural language. Write your content in the same manner you would speak to another person. If it lacks keywords, think of a way to rephrase without forcing them in with unnatural language.
  5. Meta title: These appear in your browser tabs (hold your mouse over a tab and it should appear). They should be keyword rich, yet describe the page’s purpose as well. For example, “SEO – Search Engine Optimization You Can Do Yourself”. Limit these to 70 characters or so (including spaces). If all goes according to plan, Google, et al, will use this in their search results.
  6. Meta description: These should be used to describe the content of the page. They can be keyword rich as well but they should be in natural language. If all goes according to plan, Google, et al, will use this in their search results as well. Limit these to 160 characters or so (including spaces).
  7. Duplicate content: Don’t publish multiple pages whose content is largely the same as another page.

While the above isn’t meant to be all-inclusive, it does cover the basics of what you should be doing on your site for search engine optimization.

Don’t try to game the system. Search engine heuristics are becoming more and more sophisticated. If you find that you’re having difficulties achieving the desired results, then we’re here to help.


Need SEO Help?

If delving into your website’s code to apply some of these Search Engine Optimization techniques seems like a scary thought, we can help:

  • We can edit your content and create and edit your meta tags for you.
  • We can set up a Content Management System for your site that will allow you to edit your content and meta tags without going into your page’s code.
  • We can also help with more sophisticated and ongoing Search Engine Optimization campaigns (often referred to as SEM, or Search Engine Marketing).

Contact us for a free Search Engine Optimization evaluation and consultation.