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When is a Mobile Website Right For You?

— By Ray L.

Mobile devices are taking over the home PC. Users want their information and they want it now! It has become essential to have a mobile friendly website. If you’re looking to go mobile, you’ll realize there are many options for making your site available on phones and tablets. Having a mobile website may be the first step in developing mobile web presence.

What is a mobile website?

Think of it as the mini-me of your current website. It’s a separate website scaled down and designed for easy use on a mobile device with handheld display and touch screen interface. The content will be shortened down to one column and compatible across all devices. There will be handy mobile specific features like click-to-call, so your user can make a quick phone call with the touch of a finger. Your mobile site will have a new URL, for example “m.domain” instead of “www.domain.”

Advantages of a mobile website

Users can easily access your website anywhere, anytime. Case closed! Besides being quicker, easier and more convenient, mobile websites are more affordable than completely redoing your site, like you would with a responsive design or mobile app. There’s no need to spend time designing your site for iOS and Android. A mobile website will work with just about any mobile device.

Who would benefit from a mobile website?

The number of mobile users are rising by the year. Mobile devices aren’t just for people on the go. Some users are browsing and shopping without even leaving their pajamas. Most businesses will benefit by making their site accessible to all.

  • If you’ve recently redesigned your site and don’t want to incur the cost of a responsive design, then a mobile website will be more within your budget and easier to set up.
  • If you have a large website and want to deliver target content to mobile user, then a mobile website will be easy to update and give you the option to display relevant content.
  • If you have functionality on your website, such as a form, that you want to deliver differently to mobile users, then a mobile website can abbreviate the form and increase conversions.

Still not sure about a mobile website? Maybe you need a responsive design or mobile app. Visit our sister site MobileNPO to compare the different mobile options.