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When is a Responsive Design Right For You?

— By Ray L.

With an increase in mobile users it only makes sense to make your site mobile. With a responsive design you can wrap your whole site into one-size fits all. Responsive design is a great option for some businesses and can even give an app like experience.

What is a responsive design?

With a responsive design your site is flexible. It will be able to detect what type of device your user is on and adapt accordingly. The user won’t have to pinch and zoom to navigate the page. The pictures and font resize to fit the screen. The content may be reduced to eliminate clutter and make it easier to browse. This will all be with the same URL, unlike a mobile website (which is displayed at a different address.)

Who would benefit from a responsive design?

Responsive design are a more expensive route but they may be a good solution in the long run.

  • If you’re considering a new site design or plan to redo your site, then a responsive design would be a great option at this point.
  • If you are getting an increase in mobile users, then a responsive design will help you proved an entire mobile site for them.
  • If your users are browsing on various mobile devices, then a responsive design will make it possible to visit your site no matter what device they use.
  • If you don’t have a low budget, then a responsive design would be the best way to invest your money.

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